Previous Editions:
5th International workshop on the Socio-Economics of Ageing (2017).
4th International workshop on the Socio-Economics of Ageing (2015).
3rd International workshop on the Socio-Economics of Ageing (2013).
2nd International workshop on the Socio-Economics of Ageing (2011).
1st International workshop on the Socio-Economics of Ageing (2009).

All sessions will take place at the Quelhas building (Rua do Quelhas nº 6)

Title Presenter
Attitudes towards financial risk among older Europeans - An empirical analysis based on SHARE Elsa Fontainha (Portugal)
The saving behaviour of the retired elderly in Italy Charles Horioka (Japan)
Robo-advising: unfolding the risks on savings for retirement Paulo M. Silva (Portugal)
Title Presenter
The effect of providing elderly care on family caregivers’ employment: evidence from Japan Yoko Niimi (Japan)
How does she do it all? Reconciling employment and caregiving to older people among women with different education degrees in Austria Ricardo Rodrigues (Austria)
Labour market participation and cognitive decline at older ages: evidence from Germany Annette Trahms and Laura Romeu Gordo (Germany)
Title Presenter
Job search, transition to employment and discouragement among older unemployed welfare recipients Anton Nivorozhkin (Germany)
Joint retirement in Poland Sonia Buchholtz (Poland)
Readability, transparency and efficiency of individual pension products – comparative analysis for the Polish market Joanna Rutecka-Góra and Patrycja Kowalczyk-Rólczyńska (Poland)
The effects of labor enforcement on pension contributions: evidence from Brazil Andrea Otero (Colombia)
Title Presenter
Stability and change in the family structure of the elderly: the case of Hungary Judit Monostori (Hungary)
Seniors’ singularisation as the challenge for regional social policy – case of Pomeranian region in Poland Anita Richert-Kazmierska (Poland)
Our dear children: gender division of market and household production and transfers in the low-fertility environment; example of Poland Agnieszka Chloń-Domińczak (Poland)
Policies in response to low fertility in Korea: an analysis using National Health Insurance big data Joonil Kim (South Korea)
Title Presenter
Job loss due to plant closing at older ages and retirement across Europe Reka Branyiczki (Hungary)
“I feel good” – welfare and well-being in ageing European societies Bettina Isengard (Switzerland)
Expect the expectable? Inheritances and gifts in Europe Ronny König (Switzerland)
On the determinants of elderly religiosity: a multi-country perspective Luigi Ventura (Italy)
Title Presenter
Ageing, skills and productivity in the German population. Evidence from synthetic cohort and longitudinal analyses Britta Gauly (Germany)
Labor force demographics and corporate innovation François Derrien (France)
Do informational nudges alter firms’ hiring behaviour of older workers? Pia Hom-righausen (Germany)
Older workers and ageing management in companies in Spain Vicente Rodriguez (Spain)
Title Presenter
The desire and necessity for work in the older stages of life – the case of Hungary Áron Drabancz (Hungary)
‘It’s knowing you’ve got enough income to live how you want’: developing retirement income standards in the UK Matt Padley and Claire Shepherd (UK)
Catastrophic health expenditures and its impact on the poverty status of the aging population in Greece Anna Saiti (Greece)
Title Presenter
The non-take-up of nursing home public benefits: theory and empirics from France Guillem Montoliu-Montes (Switzerland)
Can changes in in-kind transfers to the elderly kill? Quasi-experimental evidence Chiara Orsini (UK)
A multi-disciplinary systematic review of the literature: how mobility affects later life and what is the role of public transport Evangelia Pantelaki (Italy)
Title Presenter
Separating age, period and cohort effects in health and cognition outcomes among the 50+ population Monika Oczkowska (Poland)
Reporting biases in self-assessed physical and cognitive health status of older Europeans Daniela Weber (Austria)
Health misperception and healthcare utilisation of older Europeans Sonja Spitzer (Austria)
Title Presenter
Does working as a pensioner improve subjective wellbeing? Evidence from Russia Katherine Keenan (UK)
Employment and wellbeing in older age Israel Luski (Israel)
The influence of structural factors on intergenerational support in Japan Nobutaka Fukuda (Japan)